Coming to France to learn computer sciences

Coming to France to learn computer sciences

France ranks third amongst the destinations most sought after by students, behind the United States and Great Britain, and in a tie with Australia and Germany.

Inexpensive High-Quality Education

Some 270 000 international students complete part of their higher education in France, accounting for more than one out of every ten students. At the post-graduate level, more than 40% of students comes from abroad. Furthermore, the percentage of international students in scientific degree programmes is particularly high. The reason behind this success is the quality of the teaching itself and the often very low cost of education.
Over half of the international students enrolled in universities were originally from French-speaking African countries, specifically Morocco and Tunisia. But there are also many European, Chinese, Vietnamese, South Koreans, Japanese, Lebanese, Syrian, Turkish or American students.

Start Gathering Information At Least One Year in Advance

Before making the leap, it is vital to request information from the specialised organisations. In addition, while your education will cost you but a small fee, it is essential that you set out your budget for living in France in advance. Housing can become an obstacle to the success of your stay, as it will probably make up the bulk of your expenses, especially if you intend to live in Paris.
If you plan to apply for a scholarship, you should know that it is essential to do so several months in advance. At the same time, coming to France also means speaking French. If there is one aspect not to overlook, it is the language, especially as admission to most educational programmes requires passing French language exams. You will also have to give thought to one fundamental question: which educational programme you want to take (in a university ), in an engineering school, or on your own, or through an exchange programme. All in all, plan on at least one year to prepare!

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