What budget do you need to study in France?

What budget do you need to study in France?

While the cost of education is, all in all, very low in France, the price of housing can turn out to be substantial, especially in Paris.

Inexpensive Course ProgrammesThe low cost of education is one of the factors that make the French system attractive. You will be (far) below the fees required by Anglo-American countries. The establishments, in large part subsidised by the State, do not require that students cover the actual cost of their enrolment. To witness, a year at a university can vary from €185 (in the Licence programme) to €390 (in the Masters or doctoral programme).

Moreover, many engineering schools - including some of the best - are public and you will only pay the cost of registration or university fee (around €600 per year). In contrast, private schools or those operating under chambers of commerce charge much higher prices (€8,500 per year, or more).
Note: the fee to register for the competitive entrance exam to engineering schools can reach €200.

A Budget for Living in France

The Observatory on Student Life (OVE) published a survey on students' living conditions. On average, their monthly resources amounted to €681. Their largest expense was rent, which came to a monthly average of €425. Note, however, that rent is far higher in the Paris area than in the provinces. In Paris, it often reaches as high as €595 per month.
The CNOUS estimates that a student needs €600 per month. The amount is all the less, of course, if you can find housing with a friend or family member. Campus France, meanwhile, estimates the monthly budget at €1000 in Paris.

Healthcare Fees Almost Non-Existent

You will register for national healthcare coverage when you complete the administrative portion of your university enrolment. The annual dues (€211 in 2013-2014) guarantee that you will be covered for all disease and hospitalisation risks during your stay. Note, however, that the national healthcare system does not reimburse all services 100%, and it is thus preferable to take out a supplementary guarantee with a student mutual insurance fund. You can check the sites of student mutual insurance companies, like LMDE (www.lmde.fr ) or SMEREP (www.smerep.fr ). Set aside €6-€50 per month, depending on the insurance company and type of guarantee.
Tip: Think Resto-U!
When it comes to buying a meal, you may enjoy the benefits of France's university dining halls ('Resto-U'). A full meal (appetizer, hot main dish, dessert) costs €3.15 - a price that can't be beat!

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