How higher education is structured in France

How higher education is structured in France

If you wish to study computer sciences in France, you will be asked to choose between two major types of establishments: universities and engineering schools.

University Studies in France

Most international students attend universities and equivalent establishments, while a minority of them head for engineering schools. A far smaller number can be found in the higher technical degree programmes (STS) and preparatory classes leading to France's elite Grandes Ecoles schools (CPGE).
Note also that the higher education system in France is aligned along the LMD (License, Master's, Doctorate) system, which operates on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This makes it possible to assess all of the work performed by a student over the course of a semester (coursework, guided undertakings, hands-on work, internships, papers, projects, etc.). The advantage of this system is that the credits can be transferred and added up, regardless of what European country they were earned in. Though awarded by different European universities, the credits can be added up to make a diploma. Note, however, that the credits can only be transferred from university to university if the faculty responsible for the new degree programme gives its approval.

Leaving On a Programme or An Agreement

Leaving alone, without any structure, is of course possible. But you'll waste a lot of time, when there are simple answers awaiting you. The EU (European Union), for instance, has set up a number of programmes offering as many opportunities for European students to make their move under positive conditions : Erasmus+, the student exchange programme set up by the Commission of the European Communities.
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You can also take advantage of the agreements signed between foreign and French engineering schools and earn a double degree. Coming on such a programme would make many procedures much easier, as you would be selected in your country.

Tip: Securing an Equivalency

There exist no automatic equivalencies between the degrees and diplomas earned abroad and French diplomas.
If you wish to enter a French university and hold a higher education diploma, you will need to send a diploma recognition application or request for exemption from a degree requirement, to the academics department of the training or research unit (UFR) in charge of diploma you wish to earn. Each university determines its own admission criteria.
If you wish to enter an elite Grandes Ecoles school or specialised school, each establishment will inform you of the appropriate procedures and its deadlines. 

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