Are your French skills good enough?

Are your French skills good enough?

How much French do you need to know to come to France to study?
Poor French skills can be a major obstacle to your success, as admission to French higher learning establishments often requires having passed French language tests. In other words, before embarking on the process, make sure that you have the skills needed.

French Language Tests

The French Language Skills Test (TCF) ( ), devised by the Ministry of National Education, is an assessment tool similar to the American TOEFL. It is used to ascertain that you have a good understanding of both written and spoken French and tests your ability to express yourself. You must pass the TCF DAP (prior admission request) if you wish to enrol in a university. Other students are given the "general" TCF, with skills requirements determined by each establishment.
Note: DALF-holders ( ) are exempt from the language tests given prior to entry in the French university system. The degree is offered in your country or in one of the accredited examination centres spread across nearly 150 countries!
In order to learn more about the various tests, check out the International Centre for Research on Teaching (CIEP), available in English and Spanish:

Improving Your French Once in France

Additional training in France can prove necessary once you are in France, in public or private institutes or language centres. Ask your guidance structure first, as some courses are offered free of charge to international students.
Note: the Association of University Centres for French Language Studies (ADCUEFE) is a grouping of 25 universities offering French language programmes to international students.
Tip: Alliance française
The Alliance française institutions ( ) offer you're the opportunity to learn French in your country or after coming to France. There are over 850 Alliance Française offices spread across some 136 countries. In France, Alliance Française is present in Bordeaux, Dijon, Grasse, Grenoble, Lyon, Marseilles, Montpellier, Nice, Rouen, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Vendôme, Paris ( ) … In total, 500 000 students attend Alliance Française courses across the world. 

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