What organisations can you turn to for information?

What organisations can you turn to for information?

Your first official step will be to contact all of the organisations in your country likely to have information, including the Cultural Department of the French Embassy. Also, remember to check out the specialised Web sites.

The French Embassy's Cultural Department

It provides a free brochure entitled Je vais en France (I 'm Going to France), published by CNOUS (French National Centre for University and School Funds). The brochure is available in five languages (French, English, Arabic, Spanish and Vietnamese). It is a true gold mine of practical information in response to the questions you may have prior to leaving or upon arriving: visas, financing your studies, the educational system, housing, health insurance, learning French, etc ... with all of the contact information you will need for your official procedures. Some of the same information can be found on the CNOUS Web site.

Campus France ( www.campusfrance.org

Campus France is The French national agency for the promotion of higher education, international student services, and international mobility. The Agency is an expert in managing and directing wider programs of international mobility and is the cornerstone of exchanges between France and other countries. The agency succeeds the Égide association, which had gained the label of “Diversity and non discrimination”.
Campus France manages the mobility of foreign students and trainees benefitting from scholarships to study in France or abroad. The agency also helps French students studying abroad.
From the welcoming of students to scholarship payment and a customised approach to following up how students’ studies are progressing if necessary, Campus France makes their stay easier in every aspect. In order to do so, it provides a “single service spot” organised to deal with every aspect of a students’ reception. Campus France is a single contact point for all aspects of the contract.
The information can be accessed in several languages on the website. You will have a wide range of information. During the international events mentioned on the site, you will be able to directly contact the network of local contact people. Advice and guidance are offered free of charge, but assistance in enrolling in university, finding housing and all other services require payment. By e-mail, you may send questions to Campus France free of charge. Many documents can also be found at Campus France ressource center, in a variety of languages (http://www.campusfrance.org/en/espace-documentaire ).

Other Helpful Sites

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (www.diplomatie.gouv.fr )
The Ministry of National Education (http://www.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr/?menu=6 )
The official website for the French civil service (http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/F2864.xhtml )

Learning about Exchange Programmes

If you are already enrolled in higher education in your country, find out about international exchange programmes. They exist in many countries, and are an excellent way of coming to France to study, using a system that will make your administrative procedures (much) easier.
Tip: Contact establishments in France.
In French universities, you can contact the international relations departments (all of the relevant information is provided in the Je vais en France guide). Engineering or management schools are also equipped with the same types of departments. Areas for international relations or international students can also be found on their Web sites. Make them one of your first stops. You will find information in English and, in some cases, also in Spanish. To find the list of school and university Web sites. 

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